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Mā te taihuki te tai aroha, e hurihia ai e mātou te tai o tāngata

Through an abundance of compassion, we're driving the tide of change

Nau mai, haere mai ki Tai Huki Consult Ltd, a whānau driven, Professional Learning and Development Education Provider, Māori Language & Education Service, designing for innovative & systematic change within the world of education.


What we do

  • Professional Learning and Development Provider

  • Accredited Facilitation

  • Strong Design Thinking Principles 

  • Research and Project Management Services

  • Program Design 

  • Strategic Consultation & Implementation

  • Māori Language Service

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Our Education Movement
to Grow the
Love of Learning

Based in Te Matau a-Māui, Tai Huki Consult Ltd understands that by harnessing education, we can continue to influence learning change whilst holding leaders and decision-makers accountable, moving them to reimagine what is possible. 



At Tai Huki Consult, we utilise our education understandings to better enable whānau, hapū, Iwi and the community by providing learning opportunities in which they can make a real change. We approach collectively,  connect and grow stronger relationships,, transforming our potential into solutions.


Mātauranga Advocacy and Practitionership

To better ensure that all voices are heard, within our advocacy and practitioner approaches we follow Kaupapa Māori & Tiriti based approaches